Week of Oct. 5

posted Jan 28, 2010, 2:25 PM by Jason Gaudette
The Senate Finance Comm should complete its work this week or next. It will:

    * not include a government option
    *  will tax those with expensive health insurance plans.

Other plans do include a government option and will tax the wealthiest Americans.
When they are done the House and Senate versions are likely to differ in those and other ways.

However, there may be general agreement on the following:
* Most will continue to be covered by their employers.    Self employed people and those working for an employee who does not offer health insurance will be able to buy insurance through exchanges(which may or may not include a government option).  

* There are likely to be tax credits.

    * Private health insurers will have to cover everyone(regardless of pre-existing conditions) and may be limited what they can charge those who are old or sick.
    * Medicare may have to coordinate care for seniors - especially those with chronic conditions - in order to maintain people in the community and decrease or prevent hospital and nursing home care.
    * Medicaid will be expanded to cover more people including childless adults.

 Mental Health Services for Nursing Home Residents:

Clinical social workers cannot bill Medicare B directly for psychotherapy services when an individual is in a Medicare A bed.
Amendment D3 by Senator Blanche Lincoln(D - ARK. in health reform legislation would rectify this problem.
Please contact your federal senator to support Amendment D 3.