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Benefits of Caregiving for Someone with Alzheimer's

There is some evidence that someone with Alzheimer's Disease may benefit from a close relationship with a caregiver.  This benefit may include retaining mind and brain function and could be as effective  as some medications.

Researchers at Johns Hopkins, Utah State, University of Washington, Duke University, and Boston University engaged in a study which examined  pairs of caregivers and individuals with Alzheimer's. The caregivers included spouses and adult children and lasted about four years.

Each person with Alzheimer''s Disease was tested for physical, cognitive, functional and behavioral health.  The caregivers were interviewed about the living environment and their relationships with their loved one.

Those individuals whose caregivers felt closer to them retained more of their functioning longer than others. This was especially true for spouses more so than for adult children.

For more go to the Journal of Gerontology at: