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Development of Objectives for Family Caregivers

Bill Andrew, who is a spousal cargeiver(his wife has Alzheimer's Disease), recommends that the caregiver set up objectives in order to plan ahead.The following are tips to help develop objectives and to implement them.

Be Realistic

The surest way to fall short is to make those objectives difficult to attain. Make them reasonable to reach and write them down.

Think About It

Consider each objective very carefully prior to making your decision.

Overcome Temptation To Break Your Objectives

Decide how you will do this. Sharing with a support group can help to keep those caregiving resolutions.

Make A Pro And Con List

Set up a log with a separate page for each resolution listing the pros and cons for keeping each one. Refer to this list whenever you need help. List those occassions when you have failed and what you do about it(ie. what worked and what did not).

Talk About Your objectives

Do not keep them a secret. Share them with your loved one, other family menbers, friends, your support group.

Reward Yourself

Celebrate your successes by treating yourself to something that you enjoy - prehaps an outing with others.

Track Your Progress

Keep track of each success(no matter how small) and of each failure. Small successes will make it easier to accomplish your objectives and will also help to keep you motivated.

Don't Get Frustrated

Do the best yoou can day by day. Obsessing over an occassional slip will not help you to achieve your objectives.

Stick To It

Experts say that it takes about 21 days for any new activity to become a habit and six months for it to become part of your personality.

Keep Trying

If your objectives have not been achieved after a month or two don't despair. Start over!!