Bed Hold Efforts

posted Jun 16, 2011, 11:42 AM by Frank Baskin   [ updated Jul 21, 2011, 1:11 PM ]
A media campaign has begun to support the bed hold for nursing home residents. Consider these action steps
1. Here is a link to MORE CLICK TITLE...and a blog by a Boston Globe writer. Please reply with comments to her blog.  An article has also been posted in the Metro section of the 6/16 issue of the Globe.
2. Following is a template for a letter to the editor. Please use this or your own wording and send to your local newspaper.
           The Patrick Administration has proposed a new policy that threatens the ability of nursing home residents to return to their nursing home bed after hospitalization. Eliminating 10-Day Bed Holds1 in nursing homes will have devastating emotional and physical consequences for people needing our protection --- the elderly and younger nursing home residents with disabilities.

This MassHealth program currently pays nursing facilities for leave-of-absence days, insuring that MassHealth nursing home residents return to the same bed, which means, returning to their “home”. These provisions support nursing home residents when most vulnerable following hospitalization. And they give residents the freedom for personal leaves to prevent isolation from their community and family.

                Feeling secure in their “home” is vital for nursing home residents. It is well-documented that this vulnerable population suffers stress and trauma from relocating, creating more healthcare costs and more misery. We cannot balance the budget with human suffering.

            We entrust the Commonwealth with providing nursing home residents with humane support, security, and dignity. Bed Hold provisions create a basic sense of consistency and home. We urge the State of  Massachusetts to continue these vital protections.

1Limited to 10 days per medical event and 10 days every 12 months for personal reasons.