posted Feb 4, 2013, 7:17 AM by Frank Baskin   [ updated Feb 4, 2013, 7:21 AM ]
The following are a list of Elder Advocacy Efforts in Mass
  • Geriatric Mental Health Line Item(9110-1640) - A strategy is in development  to re-store...FOR MORE CLICK TITLE...  this line item and its funding. A letter has been sent to the Governor.A meeting will be set up with EOEA for information gathering.
  • Home Care and the wait lists - The Mass Home Care Association is the lead organization and provides organization and advocacy. The goal is to eliminate the wait lists for standard home care and for ECOP.
  • Money Follows the Person - This is one of several efforts to either divert elders from nursing home placement or to return elders to the community. There has been funding from the Federal government for MFP but there are concerns that these monies have not been spent and very few people have left facilities. Mass Home Care and others are working on this effort.
  • Bed Hold - There are bills in the House and the Senate to restore the this benefit. There will also be an effort to impact the budget. New England GCM ,NASW, MANR, and CORE are involved in this effort.
  • Informed Consent - A bill is being submitted to assure that anyone who is prescribed any psycho-active med will have informed consent.This will apply in assisted living, nursing homes, etc.
  • Dementia Training in Nursing Homes - A law passed in the last session requires facilities to provide training for all staff about dementia care. The Alzheimer's Assoc has advocated for this for many years. DPH is writing the regulations and the industry wants reduced hours of required training.
  • PNA(Personal Needs Allowance)for nursing and rest home residents - Efforts are being waged to increase the PNA with a COLA and also to protect the PNA from language in the Governor's budget which would allow DMA to decrease it