posted Oct 25, 2012, 6:24 AM by Frank Baskin   [ updated Oct 25, 2012, 6:26 AM ]
The Commonwealth has planned to enroll all Medicare/ Medicaid beneficiaries(dual eligibiles) in a SCO(A single health care insurance plan for dual eligibiles) type program...CLICK TITLE FOR MORE....Each individual would have the opportunity to opt out.
In the SCO program each individual has to decide to enroll and cannot be enrolled by the State or the SCO. In this new program they are all automatically enrolled and can only decide to opt out.
A letter was developed and tested. It failed as it was confusing(surprise) to readers.
The planned date of implementation is April 1, 2013. This may or may not change.
Read the following:
Field tests of letters to beneficiaries explaining Massachusetts' demonstration to coordinate care for residents eligible for both Medicare and Medicaid proved unsuccessful, according to a CMS official, as beneficiaries remained confused about the program. Beneficiary advocates, who worry that beneficiaries automatically enrolled through the demo's “passive enrollment” process may not realize they can opt out, say the early feedback is disconcerting. The advocates say the letters should be designed to help beneficiaries understand that choice, not confuse them or promote the demonstration