posted Apr 27, 2012, 1:09 PM by Frank Baskin   [ updated Apr 27, 2012, 1:15 PM ]

The House completed its FY13 Budget debate Wednesday night.  Following is a brief summary on amendments of interest to elders and their advocates.  Increase numbers refer...FOR MORE CLICK TITLE.... to added funding in addition to the FY13 House Ways & Means budget.


Elder Issues


·        4000-1602   $500,000 was added to the MassHealth Field Operations account.  There is no earmark but the increase is probably intended to address staffing shortages in the Enrollment Centers and delays in the application and review process.


·        4000-0600   Language allowing the reduction of the nursing home Personal Needs Allowance was removed, leaving the PNA at $72.80. The 10 day bed hold protective language that was not included in the House Ways & Means Budget did not get added to the final budget.


·        9110-1500   The Enhanced Community Options Program (ECOP) funding was increased by $500,000


·        9110-1600   Congregate housing funding was increased by $106,999


·        9110-1700   Homeless elder funding was increased by $50,000


·        9110-9002   Funding for Councils on Aging was increased by $474,000.  This includes an earmark of $100,000 for the Needham COA.


·        4405-2000   $1M is “made available” to increase Level IV rest home rates.  DTA is authorized to transfer not more than $1M from the TANF account for this purpose.


·        4405-1000   $400,000 may be transferred from the EAEDC account for the purpose of increasing Level IV rest home rates.


There was no additional funding for the elder nutrition program or the protective services funding.  Those accounts were increased over the Governor’s budget in the House Ways & Means budget and were not subject to additional amendments.