posted May 18, 2012, 4:54 AM by Frank Baskin   [ updated May 18, 2012, 4:58 AM ]
The Senate Ways and Means Committee has proposed a budget for 2013.
There are a number of items of concern to elders.and we ask you. ..FOR MORE CLICK TITLE...  to support the following amendments. Please contact your Mass State Senator and ask him/her to sign -on to these amendments by Friday 5/18. Floor debate will take place next week.
1. Protective Services
Support an amendment by Senator Katherine Clark to raise the funding by $ 621,825(same as the House version)
In recent years requests for elder protective services has risen but funding has not.
Your senator should contact:
Support an amendment by Senator Pat Jehlen to raise funding by $ 1,327,853(same as he House version).
There is currently a wait list for these enhanced home care services for nursing home eligible elders. We want to reduce that wait list and maintain these elders at home.
Your senator should contact:
3. Local Aid for Councils on Aging is $8,433,748.  

 That figure equals the Governor’s Proposal and the final House Proposal (deducting the earmark) and would set the Formula Grant at $6.42/elder/YEAR = $0.17/ elder increase= 2.65% Senator Pat Jehlen of the Joint Committee on Elder Affairs has agreed to bethe lead sponsor and will submit an amendment for $9,333,748 which would allow restoration of the $7/elder/YEAR Formula Grant.

Your senator should

 Some Good News:
The bed hold was preserved and funded
The PNA was maintained as in the House budget
Elder nutrition was maintained as in the House budget
No amendments are necessary for those items.