Public Policy Updates

Welcome to our legislative/advocacy page. On it you will find information about legislation and other efforts which may impact elder mental health. We shall try to be as current as possible and on as many appropriate issues as we can. We may direct you elsewhere(thru links) for further assistance.. Some of the information will be directly about elder mental health but many pieces will have a more in-direct impact. Contact us with your comments/questions.

Look for the following:

1. Laws which have been passed and what you should know about them. What change
(s) will occur?

2. Bills which are in process and what the possibilities are. Where is the bill(in which
committee). What are the next steps.

3. Changes being made at the administrative level(ex. - Medicare or Medicaid).


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Impact of 2006 Federal Legislation on Elders

Federal Health Care Legislation(2010)


A Social Security Primer

White House Conference on Aging


2005 Massachusetts Budget- Impact on Elders

Elder Issues for 2005 Legislature

2006 Massachusetts State Budget

2008 Elder Mental Health Budget Proposal

2009 State Budget Revisions

2009 Legislative Issues


2011 Rogers Guardianship Changes
Institute Medicine Report on Workforce Development & Elder Mental Health(2012)
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