The State of Massachusetts how has a budget for fiscal year 2006. The following will describe some of the items which will impact elders.

Nursing Homes

1. A Rate Increase was passed, vetoed by the Governor, and overridden by the legislature. Facilities will have additional funds in their budgets to provide care some of which is only for CNA benefits.

2. Community Spouse Resource Allowance increase was not passed(it did pass the Senate[not the House] but did not get out of Conference Committee. Efforts will be made to pass legislation.

3. Extended Career Ladder Initiative(ECCLI) was passed, vetoed by the Governor and overridden. Those monies will continue to be available for this valuable program

4. Personal Needs Allowance(PNA) was not passed. Efforts are underway to pass legislation

5. Nurse Aide Training Program was passed

6. Transfer of Assets revision was not added

7. Clinical Admission Standard was maintained at Score 3


.Community and Home Based Care

1. Care Management (ASAPs) saw a small increase

2. Purchased Services (ASAPs) saw a slight increase

3..Enchanced Community Options Program (ECOP) has an increase in funds
4. Supportive Housing is essentially level funded.

5. CHOICES is continuing to be funded

6. .Protective Services has an increase.


1. Councils on Aging (Senior Centers) finally received a significant increase(the largest in some time).

2. Prescription Advantage was funded in the context of the new Medicare Prescription Plan. It will assist those who do not receive sufficient benefits from the new Medicare plan.