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Reporting Memory Loss

Reporting Memory Loss

In a study by the National Alzheimer's Foundation of America(AFA) it was found that people do not report memory concerns or loss to their physicians or other healthcare providers.

Several thousand adults across the USA were surveyed in 2007.

They found the following:

  • 68.1 % self reported memory complaints.
    21.2 % discussed this with their healthcare providers
    40.3 % had seen their primary care provider with in the last month.
    44.3 % had an appointment within the last six months

.Of those who spoke with someone:

  • 21 % acknowledged keeping their concerns to themselves.
    41.2 % spoke with a spouse.
    30 % spoke with a friend.
    25.5 % spoke with an adult child.

Among those who were screened some had other healhcare concerns which are risks for a brain disorder including:

  • Depression at 18.3 %
    Diabetes at 16.4 %
    Obesity at 14.4 %