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Wandering Behavior


Many families and other caregivers are very concerned about a loved one who wanders. That individual can be with you and then is gone. It is a frightening moment.

The following are steps which you can take:

  • Be sure your loved one wears an ID or medical bracelet with contact information.
  • Enroll your loved one in the Safe Return Program( or 888-572-8566).
  • Inform neighbors and local police about the wandering behavior.
  • Keep a recent photograph/video recording available to help others to identify and to find your loved one.
  • Keep doors locked and consider a way to divert him/her from exits. Find locks which are difficult for him/her to use.
  • Install an system which alerts or announces that the door is opening.,

The Alzheimer's Association is a good place to start searching for support and resources in your community.