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Elders and The Arts



Storytelling has been a traditional vehicle of expression by elders. That has not been as true in Western cultures..There are some opportunities for storytelling either for and/or by elders. The following will list some resources.

First Nations Stories - cado.ayn.ca/fn_stories.asp

This website includes links to traditional stories by older Aboriginal residents about their cultures in Canada .It includes traditional Annuit and Metis stories and storytellers.

Heirloom Stories - www.heirloomstories.com and info@heirloomstories.com

  • This web site offers:Resources for elders to write and to share their life stories
  • Post some short stories on the site
  • For a fee have their stories written, emailed to others, psoted on their own Heirloom stories website, or published in book form.

Pearls of Wisdom - www.creativeaging.org

This is a touring ensemble of elder storytellers from Elders Share the Arts and the National Center for Creative Aging.
It provides:

  • Trainings at sites around thecountry.
  • Resources including a directory and a newsletter(Creative Aging) about Arts and Aging.

Story Corps - www.storycorps.net

This is a national project to record the oral history of Americans. Friends and relatives can interview each other at the Story corps booth in Grand Central Station in NYC opr at travelling Story Corps booths around the nation. there is also a link ot the American Folklife Center at the Library of Congress.





Many elders enjoy acting and the theatre. There are numerous groups around the country which either involve elders exclusively or have an intergenerational format. The following are some web site resources(which are linked).


Dorot Univesity Without Walls - www.dorotusa.org/seniors

Their live participatory programs are based in Metro NYC, Princedton NJ, and West Palm Beach Florida. They offer phone conference courses in play reading and discussions for homebound individuals.

Senior Theatre League of America - www.seniortheatreleague.org

They promote and nurture senior adult theatre activities.

Stagebridge - www.stagebridge.org

This is the nation's oldest senior theatre. It is based in Oakland California and also involves storytelling.

National Center for Creative Aging(Elders Share the Arts) - www.creativeaging.org/publications,html

This is a reminiscence based theatre program which is located on Long Island NY. However, they have publications which groups and individuals around the country use and adapt.

Eastern Cooperative Recreation School(ECRS) - www.ecrs.org

This organization has an intergenerational membership who act, dance, sing, play games, and do crafts. Theatre workshops/courses include play readings form plays and informal dramatics where participants create their own dramatic experiences.