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Six Dimensions of Wellness


This is a summary of an article by Colin Milner in a journal for the fitness management industry. The article is framed for that audience. Nonetheless you may find the basic precepts to be useful.

If you want to read the full text go to: www.fitnessmanagement.com Once you are there click on to Library of Articles and scroll down to Older Adults. Then find the title(it begins with “The Six_ _ _ “) and click for the full text.

Six dimensions of wellness for older adults are identified and described. They are:

  1. Intellectual
    Challenging the mind is important for the general well being of all elders and crucial for fending off Alzheimer’s Disease. Some examples are reading, playing games (checkers, cards, etc.), listening to the radio.
  2. Social
    Interpersonal relationships are vital and include those with family, friends, associates, neighbors, and others. This may occur informally or in the context of organized activities 
  3. .Vocational
    Many people work part and even full time well into their 70’s and 80’s. Other are active as volunteers. 
  4. Spiritual
    This is at least in part about values and beliefs, a sense of ones self , and of ones place in the world 
  5. Emotional
    This is about attitudes and positive aging. Our attitudes and thinking impact our health
  6. Physical
    Be aware of physical/organic changes, of ways to adjust, and of methods/interventions which can keep you healthy